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M. Martin’s review - Temploux, Namur, Belgium

Temploux - Namur - Belgique
- 2019 -
M. Martin

Mr. Martin's review shows the commitment of our company towards the client even after a project annulation.


Shelter in kit: Mr. Martin's project.


Mr. Martin met Directsteelsheds thanks to his son that found the website on the internet looking for a steel shelter in kit. He contacted our office in order to get more information about our shelters. One of our salesmen took his call and advised him precisely and efficiently for his order.

Nevertheless, an unexpected constraint occurred, Mr. Martin did not obtain the construction authorization. Mr. Martin contacted Directsteelsheds to ask for a refund of his deposit, which was done in a very short time.

Mr. Martin finished his experience with the following review:

"I recommend Directsteelsheds to everyone that wants to buy a steel shelter. If I am ever able to continue with my project, I will contact the company without a doubt!"


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